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About Me

My Story

Claudia get rowdya, that’s me! You will find me where there is any kind of action, giving 110% at what I am doing, and I won’t stop before I got what I want.

If it is climbing mountains, dropping cliffs on my snowboard or sailing rough seas… ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!

I am loyal and passionate about supporting those around me to reach their fullest potential and live the life they dream of.

Simply the Best!

Why I chose Network Marketing:

  • I am paid according to the effort I put in
  • My upline has a true interest in me succeeding and will give me all the support I need
  • I decide when, where and how much I work
  • Products I truly stand behind, that have changed my life
  • Products that are safe for top athletes

Top products

I use all the health products myself and they have changed my life! Everything backed up by science.

Deeply Committed

Committed to YOUR personal goals, not my own. We define your health and financial goals together and I will support you in reaching them.

Highly Skilled

University degree in Sports Science in combination with a teaching degree in math. Great combination for both health advice and coaching to making your own career.

Claudia Bings

Athlete, Health and Lifestyle coach & Ski Industry Specialist